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Ways to Prevent & Effectively Eliminate Blackheads

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Blackheads are black color lesions that occurs due to clogged pores. It usually appear on face and neck and look bad. Using different facials and skin treatments can help to get rid of it. Buy diamond facial kit online to remove blemishes and look radiant.

These are some of the ways to avert and eliminate blackheads for a glowing and flawless look.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your Skin: Make an egg white mask and apply on your skin. Egg whites drag out clogged dirt to reveal blackhead-free skin. Mix salt, lemon juice, yoghurt with a bit of honey and use it as a scrub. Or, make a homemade scrub with baking soda and water and use it to scrub your face.
  • Use a salicylic acid gel: Dissolve pesky blackheads with Salicylic acid. A leave-on product is a better option than soap or cleanser. Apply the gel over the affected area and wash it off with water when dry. Salicylic acid dissolves excess oil, dead skin and grime to reveal radiant skin.
  • Retinoid cream & blackhead removal strips: Retinoid creams contain vitamin A which assists in skin growth and prevents excess oil buildup. Blackhead removing strips are also quite effective in pulling out blackheads.
  • Prevent Blackheads: Wash your face daily with lukewarm water. Buy papaya facial kit online and try it.  Use makeup remover or a gentle cleanser before you go to sleep. Always take a bath after strenuous physical activities. A topical product must be used to remove excess oil from your face and prevent blackheads.

Moisturize your skin properly after any of these treatments. Always opt for non comedogenic moisturizers to prevent clogged pores. Follow these ways to get rid of pesky blackheads and flaunt a flawless complexion.

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